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Kelong Almira - Activities

Galang Island - Batam Riau

+62 81284662385

Office Hours: 09.00am - 17.00pm


Our resort features a restaurant, as well as several activies

Free for guests staying


Swimming @ the area Kelong Almira

IDR 150.000/person

Cycling without guide, 4 hours

Provided: mountain bike, 1 bottle of mineral water

IDR 300.000/person

Cycling Tour @ The Historical Vietnamese Refugees Camp, 4 hours (5-10 participants)

Provided : guide, mountain bike, 1 bottle of mineral water, snack

IDR 25.000/person

Banana Boat, 20 minuted (5 participants)

Provided : life jacket

IDR 50.000/person

Kayaking @ area kelong almira, 1 hour

Provided : kayak, life jacket

IDR 500.000/person

Kayaking Tour, 4 hours (8-10 participants)

Provided : kayak, life jacket, snack, mineral water

IDR 150.000/person

Snorkeling @ the area Kelong Almira, 2 hours

Provided : snorekeling gears, life jacket

IDR 400.000/person

Snorkeling Tour @ Petong Island, 6 hours (8-10 participants)

Provided : boat, snorkeling gears, life jacket, meals

Free for guests staying IDR 50.000/person


Fish Fishing @ the area Kelong Almira. (if you do not stay, untill 8 pm)

IDR 400.000/person

Fishing Tour @ around Petong island 6 hours (8-10 participants)

Provided : boat, life jacket, meals

Free for guests staying

Squid Fishing

Squid Fishing @ the area Kelong Almira

Kelong Almira resort is a place where vacation dreams become unforgettable memories. Come and visit our beach resort as long as possible. Set your holiday schedule and let's contact us to enjoy perfect holiday.


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