A Beautiful Beach Resort  in the Sijantung Village - Galang barelang, Batam Islands of Indonesia


Because it's difficult to find a beach in Singapore, so the tourists have to go to other country like Indonesia. Indonesia despite has so many beaches, it lacks of resort, so the there are not so many tourists visit Indonesia

Not only the beach. There is a historic site called Galang Refugee Camp. It was a camp built by the UN for refugees from Vietnam who fled from communists in their country. Right now the camp is no more but because there are so many historic sites like cemetery, hospital, temple, prison, and church, the local government decided to open it as a vacation site. 

To solve this problem, we decided to open new resort, thus named Kelong Almira. Kelong Almira is timelessly simple. Technology, traffic, and busy schedules are a lifetime away as you relax in a hammock on the beach or sip a welcome drink on the front deck. Void of needless distractions, Activites in kelong almira is diving, snorkling, fishing, banana boat, kayaking, offroad, cycling and spa.  Kelong almira is a place where vacation dreams become unforgettable memories.